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A guide to the types of sweets for your store

The best types of sweets to stock in store

When it comes to keeping your store stocked up with the latest confectionery, it might be difficult when there is such a variety of different sweets to choose from.

The key to providing a good selection of sugary goods is to have a range. Your sweets should be varied, as well as vast, as not to exclude any customer and to have something to suit all needs.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a guide to the types of sweets that you need to get on your shelves ASAP.


Chocolate really is an essential – Willy Wonka wasn’t popular for nothing! Having a good selection of the different types of chocolate is a must for the chocolate lovers (and let’s be honest, most people are!)

The main types of chocolate that you should always have in stock are…

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate is probably the most popular type of chocolate out there because it’s the sweetest. Milk chocolate mixes both cocoa and dairy to produce a mouth-wateringly creamy consistency and you can get it in bar form or in pieces.

The most popular brands of milk chocolate include Cadbury Dairy Milk and Kinder.

Having a variety of nutty chocolate and nut-free chocolate is also a good idea to accommodate customers with allergies and dietary restrictions.

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Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate tends to be more popular with adults and fitness fanatics, due to its refined taste and host of antioxidant benefits.

Dark chocolate should be dairy-free, making it an ideal choice for vegan and lactose intolerant customers.

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Chocolate multipacks

Chocolate multipacks are a must have for stores as they are great for packing into kids’ lunchboxes and for a snack on the go.

Most people will be looking to buy chocolate in packs for convenience so stocking a range of multipack chocolate is an essential.

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Retro sweets

Retro sweets are packed full of nostalgia and this is why we love them. Classic sweets such as fizzy cola bottles, candy watches, swizzels lollipops and dew drops are always a popular choice with customers.

Hard-boiled sweets in a variety of flavours are always a good option to have stocked up as well. The older generations tend to prefer classic flavours whilst the young might be more receptive to new, modern flavours. This is why having a good combination of both is recommended!

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Chewy sweets

Chewy sweets are a must have for any store because they are a safer option for younger children (as boiled sweets can be a choking hazard).

There are a number of great chewy sweets to choose from, including some of the classics: drumsticks, refreshers, and maoams.

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Jelly sweets

Haribo made a name for jelly sweets and are a fan favourite with the masses. Gelatin-based jelly sweets are extremely common on the market although you should bear in mind that sweets like this will be unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Fizzy sweets

Fizzy sweets with a tangy edge are always a winner. Fizzy cola bottles and fizzy strawberries are very popular with customers.

Whether it’s sugar coated chews or boiled sweets, sweets that fizz on the tongue never go out of fashion.

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