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The 15 Chocolate Products You Can Find in Our Store Today

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You surely adore chocolate, regardless of your age, background, socioeconomic status, or social standing. Beyond its taste, chocolate has a plethora of health benefits. Because chocolate is so popular, there are also several brands that have claimed their name rightfully. Read on to discover the fifteen chocolate products you can find in our store today.

The Bueno Milk White

Bueno has a mild flavour that’s enough to keep you wanting more. Each delicious bite is made up of hazelnut, milk chocolate or white chocolate, and wafers. They also come in individually wrapped portions.

The Minstrels

Minstrels in milk chocolate are available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Cyprus, France, Malta, and Spain. 

Through time, Minstrels have been renamed “Galaxy Minstrels” and repackaged in accordance with Mars’ rebranding.

Cadbury Caramel Bar 

Cadbury Caramel Bar is a soft, gooey caramel wrapped with Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. Yum!

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk bar is produced with real milk. Thus, every bite is delicious!

Today, Cadbury has evolved and is now producing confections, spreads, baked goods, and beverages. Regardless of location or time, a Cadbury egg is always available.

Cadbury’s Double Decker

Cadbury’s Double Decker is a crispy cereal and soft nougat encased in layers of Cadbury milk chocolate.

Cadbury Twirl

Cadbury Twirl is packaged as two chocolatey swirls covered in Cadbury milk chocolate that melts on your lips and tongue as the ribbons unravel. Need we say more?


Daim chocolate bars are a delicious afternoon snack.

Marabou produced Daim in the 1950s. Lars Anderfelt, Marabou’s vice president, wanted to license American Heath’s bar recipe. The Heath Company declined, but Anderfeldt supplied components. Marabou developed its own recipe in 1952 and successfully tested it in Stockholm.

The Kit Kat Classic

A classic KIT KAT Classic Wafer Bar (120 g) presents 10 rows of crispy, scrumptious KIT KAT wafers wrapped in milk chocolate inside each bar. This delightful pairing is great for a well-earned respite.

The KitKat Chunky 

KitKat Chunky is a more substantial snack compared to its classic take. The ideal bite-sized snack is a chocolate bar with a layer of velvety milk chocolate and a layer of crunchy wafers. The Chunky comes in variations of the duo, milk chocolate, and peanut butter.

The Lion Bar

Lion Bar is a milk chocolate wafer with caramel and cereal within. With its robust appearance and a blend of chewy caramel, crispy wafer, and crunchy cereals coated in chocolate, it was introduced in 1976. 

The Maltesers

MALTESERS were designed by Forrest Mars Sr. in 1936 and first delivered in 1937. In 1954, MALTESERS’ motto was “More to Munch.” In 2003, White Seasonal Limited Edition MALTESERS were introduced. Indeed, everybody is here to love and appreciate this milk chocolate with honeycomb crisps.

The MARS Bar

In the 1932 facility, the first batch of MARS bars was manufactured. Since then, the MARS bar has become so famous that it is being produced in 3 million milk chocolate-wrapped caramel and nougat bars each day in Slough, England.

The Toffee Crisp

Toffee Crisp is a chocolate-covered dessert with biscuit, cereal, and caramel filling. Toffee Crisp biscuits are only 99 calories per serving, and have no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

The Twix

Twix is a caramel shortbread chocolate bar produced by Mars, Inc. It is described as a chocolate treat made with caramel and milk chocolate. In each standard pack, a Twix comes in twos.

The Yorkie

Rowntree’s of York introduced Yorkie in 1976, hence the name. The Yorkie is an esteemed product that has no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Nestlé Cocoa Plan works with UTZ Certified to help cocoa producers while also improving your chocolate experience.


We bet this list has got you craving these delicious chocolate treats. Whether you need chocolates for your snacks, baking needs, or gifts, know that these fifteen chocolate products are here for your taking. Simply shop and enjoy!

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