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Worried About the Flake Shortage Problem: Here Are Some Alternatives for Ice Cream Toppings!

Ice Cream

Ah, the days of fish and chips and ice cream treats are here once more! But here’s some alarming news: there might be some changes to your beloved ice cream. Nobody thought this day would ever come. Sadly, here it is. 

Ice cream sellers are now experiencing a nightmare as there appears to be a scarcity of Flakes. This is serious, for how can one create the classic 99 Flake without, well, the Flake?

While that may not seem a massive issue for some, ice cream sellers and fans of the 99 Flake would disagree. Some suppliers of this favorite ice cream topping are now limiting sellers to only ten boxes of Flakes each. While that might not sound so bad, know that those ten boxes won’t last long. Just one huge event, and you can finish all ten boxes! 

A lot of issues may be contributing to this shortage of Flakes, from disruptions within the global supply chain to a sudden surge in demand, the fact that they’re only produced in Dublin and Egypt now, and even the war in Ukraine. Surprisingly, there was also a shortage of Flakes around this time last year. 

It doesn’t help that there also seems to be a looming shortage of fish and chips with the supply issues with cod, cooking oil, haddock, and potatoes. 

The good news for ice cream sellers (and fans of ice cream) is that you can still find some excellent alternatives to the classic Cadbury 99 Flake for your ice cream. Here are some recommendations from Wholesale Sweets UK, your favourite sweets shop: 

Kingsway Milk Chocolate Flaked Sticks 

These milk and chocolate sticks are the perfect alternative to Cadbury 99 Flakes. Kids and adults alike will love their rich chocolatey taste. You can get the bulk box with 140 sticks for your ice cream store at Wholesale Sweets. 

Chocolate Minis

Ice cream toppings don’t have to be chocolate sticks! There’s a whole world of chocolate minis to explore. For instance, you can get Smarties, Nestle Aero, Rolo, and other chocolates in mini versions that would work wonderfully with ice cream. 

Reese’s Peanut Butter Baking Chocolate Chips

For sweet, salty, and creamy toppings, Reese’s Peanut Butter Baking Chocolate Chips are an excellent choice. They’d give a good contrast to the clean sweetness of vanilla ice cream. 

Other Chocolate Sticks

While Cadbury 99 Flakes are the traditional option for ice cream toppings, you can always try other chocolate sticks like a Kit Kat finger, a Cadbury Twirl or Twirl Caramel, which can give a surprising orange or caramel flavour, or even kids’ favourite, Kinder Bueno! 

Biscuit Crumbs

Another great option to try is biscuit crumbs, which have become quite popular recently. You should give Oreo Crushed Cookie crumbs for starters or Lotus Biscoff Crumbs, which could give your ice cream an exciting texture. 


In conclusion, while it is certainly disappointing that we won’t be able to enjoy the classic 99 Flake as we know it anymore, there are still other delicious ice cream topping options out there for us to explore. Who knows, we might all even find a new favorite!

Here’s another good news: you don’t need to go elsewhere to find wholesale chocolate bars and other sweets you can use for ice cream toppings. 

Wholesale Sweets UK is a trusted sweets shop where you can find all the chocolates and sweets you need! Whether you’re looking for crushed cookie crumbs, chocolate sticks, chocolate minis, or others, we have them for you! We even have the Cadbury Flake Chocolate Bars if you’re still looking for them! Hurry and get yours now before they run out!

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