Sweet Hampers For Her

Making a personalised sweet hamper for a special occasion

A sweet hamper is a thoughtful gift to give to someone you love and it’s even more special if you’ve taken the time to think about how to make it really personalised to them.

A pre-packaged sweet hamper is never a bad choice but when you make your own sweet hamper, you can really tailor it to your loved one and have a lot of fun doing it!

We’re going to run you through some of the best things to include and everything to consider when gifting a sweet hamper to a very special lady.

What is a sweet hamper?

A sweet hamper is a hamper containing a selection of sweets either handpicked and tailored to the recipient or pre-packaged.

What is the difference between a pre-made and custom-made sweet hamper?

A pre-made hamper can be an easy gift if you want to get someone something quickly and the sweets have already been picked out. However, a custom-made hamper requires you to think about what you want to be included.

Should I choose a theme?

The first thing to consider when picking your sweet hamper is to decide on the event you want it for. Are you looking for a birthday hamper? An anniversary hamper? Or a Christmas hamper?

If you’re choosing a Valentine’s sweet hamper, you might want to pick sweets like love hearts and maybe add a few rose petals in there.

With a Christmas hamper, you will want to give it a festive theme and the sweets should complement the theme that you choose.

What’s your budget?

You should decide on a budget to determine how extravagant you intend to be with your hamper. If you are aiming for a smaller budget, making your own sweet gift hamper is not only cost-effective but also it shows that you’ve put a lot of thought, time and effort into the gift.

The biggest selling point of a sweet hamper is that you can put together a lot of inexpensive items to make a really thoughtful gift – and it doesn’t break the bank.

What should I include in a sweet hamper?

Sometimes you might have a million ideas about what you want to include in a sweet hamper and other times, you might be completely stumped.

Your sweet hamper should reflect the theme of your hamper and as long as what you include is something that you think your loved one will enjoy, then you can’t really go wrong.

Think about what type of sweets your loved one likes; perhaps retro sweets that she adored as a child or sweets that you have shared together.

It might also be a good idea to fill your hamper with sweets that your loved ones will like but might not usually buy for themselves.

Think outside of the box and be creative!

What should I put the sweet hamper in?

The container you use for your sweet hamper can be whatever you choose.

Some ideas include:

  • gift basket
  • gift box
  • gift bag
  • tote bag
  • decorated shoebox
  • crockery
  • plant pot
  • recycled packaging
  • wood crate

You could even create your own sweet hamper container out of cardboard or make your own gift basket, lining it with a silky material.

The possibilities are endless.

Where can I find a container?

You can generally find suitable containers in most hardware stores and supermarkets. You can even scour second-hand shops to find a cute basket or crockery.

You could also recycle old containers such as plastic or cardboard boxes and decorate them.

How do I use filler in my sweet hamper?

Fillers are frequently used to lift the contents of hampers to enhance the overall aesthetic. Filler typically consists of shredded or scrunched up paper and can be used on its own or hidden by a decorative tea towel.

You can also save filler from hampers that have been gifted to you and also filler used for online shopping orders that can be reused for your homemade hamper.

How do I arrange the sweet hamper?

Now, for the best bit.

Once you have decided on a theme, found the right sweets and prepared your chosen container, you are ready to start filling your sweet hamper with all the goodies.

Tip: Arrange the sweets according to size order. Place larger sweets at the back of the container and the smaller items in front and around these.

You can also overlap items and stick items to the container in order to keep them in their position. To save space, you could also remove chocolates from bulky boxes and simply have them dispersed around the hamper.

Make sure that you fill empty spaces with sweets or theme-related and decorative items. For instance, you could scatter rose petals or confetti.

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