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The Best Sweets to Get for Father’s Day

Pack of Chocolates

When it comes to celebrating your dad’s awesomeness on Father’s Day, why not treat him to something sweet as a way to satisfy both his sweet tooth and his sweet heart?

These Father’s Day desserts are the perfect way to say “I love you, Dad.” Not only do they reflect your dad’s great personality and the sweet things you love about him, but they’ve also been whipped up in a way that’s perfect for fathers of all ages.

Serve up a sweet treat that lets him know you’re thinking of him this Father’s Day, and you’ll be thanking him with a smile on your face.

1. A Pack of Chocolates for a Classic Gift 

When it comes to sweets, they’re just not complete without some chocolates. Get your dad his own box, and he’ll feel the father of the year. The best part about chocolates is their delicious versatility, be it dark, milky, crispy, candied like M&Ms, or even intoxicating with a touch of alcohol bursting inside every decadent bite. Take a look at our hampers which have a great mix of sweets or chocolates 

2. We Heart Dad Sugar Cookies

With a warm and chewy centre, a sprinkling of sugar, and a golden-brown exterior, a sugar cookie is a dessert that’s easy to get excited about. If you can’t bake, you can always pick up a package from the store and personalise it with a couple of heart-shaped cookie cutters.

3. Bourbon Pecan Pie Bars

If your dad is a whiskey drinker, he’s going to love this pie-like dessert that tastes like a cross between candy and a cookie. Bourbon adds a hint of sugar, while the pecans make this treat a little salty and nutty, bringing the whole experience up a notch.

4. A Sweeter-Than-Cake Tiramisu

If your dad is the cake kind of guy, he’ll love a more grown-up dessert like tiramisu. You could buy it from a coffee shop or whip up your own concoction in the kitchen. 

The coffee-soaked cake is mixed with a dollop of cream, giving it a light and airy texture, and then covered with whipped cream and cocoa powder. After a few spoonfuls, you’ll see why this is a dessert that’s worth the fuss.

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach: Why Men Love Chocolate

Sugar, chocolate, and vanilla are the three key ingredients in making the perfect Father’s Day dessert, according to guys we surveyed. Here are the reasons why:


Sweet treats are appealing and can serve as a great reward for your hard work.


It’s the most masculine of the sweets, and it’s also associated with romance and commitment.


It’s considered a “safe” flavour because it’s not too strong, which is a relief compared to the complex taste of some desserts.

The Bottom Line: Why Sweets are a Great Gift for Father’s Day 

A box of chocolate is the perfect gift for Father’s Day as it simply acknowledges how important and special someone is to you. Chocolate tastes great, makes you feel good, and is as awesome as any other gift.

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