Our Top 20 Favourite Sweets

Everyone loves a sweet treat, but with such a great range of options to choose from, it can sometimes be challenging to make a decision.

That’s why we thought we’d help you out by listing our favourites from our vast online collection. So whether you are in the mood for a bit of chocolate, some jelly babies, a piece of fudge, or something more traditional like liquorice allsorts or wine gums, our huge confectionery collection has something for you!

If you want to buy seasonal treats for family and friends, plan to indulge yourself, or want to share some of the nation’s favourite confectionery, we have it all. Here are some of our favourite sweets for you to look through to get some inspiration.

Our Top 20 Favourite Sweets

With so many delicious options to discover on our website, it is always challenging to put one choice in the top spot. So we decided we would have a look through all of our options and pick our 20 favourite sweets.

As you can imagine, with such a vast choice, this wasn’t easy – but here are our picks for the top 20, and we would love to hear what yours are!

1) Boiled Rhubarb & Custard

When it comes to a traditional British sweet, Rhubarb and Custards are up there. Popular since the 1930s and still one of the favourite boiled sweets in the UK, the creamy custard combined with the tart, tangy rhubarb coated in sugar is always a delight.

2) Haribo Starmix

If you like to mix confectionery, our next choice could be perfect for you. Haribo Starmix combines fruit and cola flavoured confectionery, including gummy bears, cola bottles, fried eggs, rings, and hearts.

As you might imagine from a brand the size of Haribo, there are plenty of options, and there are lots of options for Haribo Starmix too. Enjoy share bags, tubs, gift boxes, Christmas-themed bags, Haribo Christmas selection boxes, and multipacks.

Big fan of Haribo? In that case, you’ll be delighted to hear that we have a number of their sweets available to purchase – including Gold-Bears, Rhubarb and Custards, Giant Strawbs, Jelly Babies, Cola Bottles, Jelly Beans, Tangfastics, Rainbow Twists, and much more. What’s more, they’re available in large tubs, bags, share-bags, and multipacks.

3) Raspberry Millions

Millions are chewy, tiny, tasty, and come in various flavours beyond raspberry, including bubblegum, apple, strawberry, cola, banana, and more.

We picked the raspberry Millions because we love dipping into a buzz jar and grabbing a handful throughout the day.

They are also a great gluten-free and vegan option and contain no artificial colours or flavouring.

4) Liquorice Allsorts

As the original maker of Liquorice Allsorts, Maynards Bassetts and the familiar face of Bertie Bassett are always a favourite. Still, you can shop by brand, with Kingsway, Taveners, and Bonds all offering great options.

5) Chocolate Jazzies

Chocolate Jazzies give you the best of both worlds with the taste of chocolate and colourful candy sprinkles on top. Ideal for kids and the young at heart as well as being suitable for vegetarians.

6) Candy Skulls

Candy Skulls are a creepy way to enjoy your sweets. The great strawberry and cream flavour is ideal all year round but is especially perfect for Halloween.

7) Wine gums

Wine Gums were created in England in 1880 and have gone on to become one of the most popular sweets, not just in the UK but in the world.

There is no need to worry about getting drunk on them either, the only wine in Wine Gums is in the name.

Loved by kids and adults alike, wine gums are the kind of sweet you think you will only have one or two of, and before you know it the pack is finished!

8) Skittles

Skittles are a delicious fruit flavoured chew sweet in a hard shell. Famous for their tagline of taste the rainbow, this colourful confectionery first came about in 1974.

The enduring slogan was thought up in 1994 and has stood the test of time, as has the popularity of this great sweet.

Skittles are now made with no animal products making them an ideal choice for vegans with a sweet tooth.

9) Golden Casket Fudgy Wudgy Fudge Bars

Fans of fudge will be well versed in the smooth, creamy, chewy, and mouth-watering experience you get from eating it. Golden Casket Fudgy Wudgy Fudge Bars are fantastic, fun options for fudge lovers.

Coming from the makers of Millions up in Greenock, Scotland, you know that they will be tasty. After all, this is the country that gave us tablet too!

10) Fizzy Mix

Our excellent fizzy mix sweets will be sure to get your taste buds excited. The fun, fizzy, fruity confectionery is ideal for anyone that likes a bit of variety in their life with loads of fantastic flavours all begging to be eaten.

Sort through to find your favourite shapes or try and figure out the flavour by colour. We just know you will love these, we certainly do!

11) Flying Saucers

These UFO-shaped sweets really are a blast from the past. Originating in Belgium in the 1950s, Flying Saucers are made of rice paper shaped to look like an extraterrestrial spacecraft – as if that wasn’t fun enough the sherbert filling is bound to get you going!

Coming in a variety of colours and being light as a feather, this is the kind of confectionery you can get away with eating before dinner time, no matter what age you are.

12) Sweetzone Rainbow Pencils Tub

Rainbow pencils by Sweetzone are fun and funky coloured liquorice pencils that have a surprise fondant filling.

The bright colours and varying flavours are enough to keep kids and adults entertained for a good while.

Sweetzone are known for producing a great variety of confectionery since 2003. Most famous in the UK and Ireland, they are even branching out to other countries now with their candy floss, marshmallows, jelly sweets, bubblegum, and of course, Rainbow Pencils.

13) Barratt Anglo Bubbly Box

If you like to blow bubbles, the chances are you will have tried Barratt Anglo Bubbly before.

This delicious pear-shaped bubblegum were first created back in 1932. The individually wrapped pieces are not only a great taste of nostalgia for older customers, they are also a fantastic bubblegum choice for kids too.

14) Dolly Mixture

The classic Dolly Mixture is another British confectionery classic and combines multi-coloured fondant shapes with sugar covered jelly sweets.

The Dolly Mixture is yet another great choice with a long history in the UK’s confectionery industry. They are an excellent option for pick and mix or on their own.

15) Giant Fried Eggs

These are some of the most fun and tasty sweets we have on offer. We are still to meet someone that doesn’t love these fruit flavoured jelly shapes.

16) Kola Cubes

Kola Cubes are classic candy that is just as popular with kids who love candy as with adults looking for retro sweets that remind them of their childhood. The hard-boiled cola flavoured cubes are coated in sugar, making them almost irresistible.

Invented in the UK in the ’40s, these sweets conjure up images of traditional sweet shops with the jars behind the counter, just waiting for excited customers to be given them in little white paper bags.

17) Love Hearts

Yet another retro classic. Each sweet has a message, making them ideal for sharing with those you want to pass that sweet message on to.

The classic sweet was created in the mid-1950s by the British sweet company Swizzels, also famous for Parma Violets, Double Dip, and Rainbow Drops -they’ve been making sweets since the 1920s!

18) Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Raisins

Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Raisins are one of the most morish sweets we have ever had. The smooth, creamy milk chocolate wonderfully complements the sweet raisins. This tasty treat is also a great source of vitamin B, iron, fibre, potassium, and calcium.

10) Barratt Shrimps & Bananas

Barratts fruit flavoured Shrimps & Bananas are a tasty foam sweet. As you might expect, the banana shapes are banana flavoured, but you might be surprised to find out that the shrimps are actually raspberry flavoured.

Barratt has been producing fun, mouth-watering confectionery for over 150 years, and we are delighted to be able to stock some of their best selling and most famous sweets.

20) Sherbet Lemons

We are going to finish on another classic, it was a toss-up between this and jelly babies, but in the end, we went for the classic Sherbert Lemon.

Like most classic confectionery, you will be able to shop by weight. The lemon flavoured hard candy eventually gives way to a mouth-puckering sherbert centre.

You will be able to enjoy many more traditional Royale sweets, including Rosey Apples, Everton Mints, Pineapple Cubes, Butterscotch, as well as many other tasty treats.


Why Should You Shop at Wholesale Sweets UK?

Those were our favourite sweets, but if you were to ask us again in a few weeks, we might just have changed our mind, as there are so many fabulous options to choose from! What would be in your top spot?

Remember to stop by regularly to see what new releases we have in stock, and don’t forget that whatever the season, we will have something for you. So whether you are looking for a selection of spooky Halloween treats and goodie bags, Christmas selection boxes or confectionery, or something for any other occasion, we can help.

Food doesn’t have to be boring, liven things up and treat yourself and your family to some classic retro sweets from the past like jelly babies, or liquorice allsorts, the most popular chocolate bars of today, a combination of the tastiest pick ‘n’ mix sweets,  imported sweets from the US, or even some of the best-bagged jelly sweets like Haribo Starmix, Supermix, Giant Strawbs, or Tangfastic’s.

Our website makes it easy for you to create the perfect combination of confectionery and get it delivered right to your door. As one of the largest and most trusted sweet sellers on the UK’s market, we are proud to be able to offer you the best selection of brands, as well as a range of dietary options that makes our confectionery ideal for everyone.


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