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Sweet Tooth Showdown: Which UK Sweets Reign Supreme?


Oh, sweet land of Britannia, how thou dost spoil us with thy confectionery delights! From the humble toffee to the mighty chocolate bar, British sweets have been tantalising taste buds for generations. But which UK sweet truly reigns supreme? In this Sweet Tooth Showdown, we pit the best of British against each other in a battle royale of sugary satisfaction. So put on your elasticated trousers, grab a cuppa, and let the showdown begin!

Round 1: Chocolate Heavyweights – Cadbury Dairy Milk vs. Galaxy

Ah, the battle of the titans. In the purple corner, we have the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk. This smooth and creamy chocolate bar has been a British institution since 1905, and it’s got the heritage to prove it. With its distinctive ‘glass and a half’ logo and a vast array of flavours, Dairy Milk has been delighting chocoholics for over a century.

In the brown corner, we find the silky-smooth Galaxy chocolate. With its velvety texture and luxurious taste, Galaxy has been wooing chocolate lovers since its launch in 1960. But can this relative newcomer topple the king of British chocolate?

So which chocolate champion will emerge victorious? While Dairy Milk has history on its side, we cannot deny the allure of Galaxy’s smoothness. However, Dairy Milk’s classic appeal and unique taste ultimately give it the edge in this battle of the chocolate titans. Galaxy, we salute you, but there’s only room for one chocolate heavyweight in our hearts. 

Winner: Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Round 2: Chewy Champs – Wine Gums vs. Fruit Pastilles

Time to step away from the world of chocolate and dive into the chewy delights of fruity sweets. Wine Gums and Fruit Pastilles have been sticking to teeth and tantalising taste buds for generations, but which chewy champion will reign supreme?

In the red corner, we have the sophisticated and ever-so-slightly posh Wine Gums. With their grown-up flavours and refined chewiness, these delightful morsels have long been the choice of discerning sweet tooths. Can the elegant Wine Gum outclass its fruity opponent?

In the blue corner, we find the plucky and ever-popular Fruit Pastilles. Boasting a range of zingy fruit flavours, these zesty little numbers have been a lunchbox staple for decades. But can they pack enough punch to knock out the competition?

It’s a close call, but Fruit Pastilles’ sugar-coated charm and sheer zestiness ultimately make them the winner of this chewy challenge. Plus, their satisfyingly chewy texture is just too good to resist! 

Winner: Fruit Pastilles.

Round 3: Minty Madness – Polo Mints vs. Trebor Extra Strong Mints

Now, let’s freshen things up with a minty face-off. Polo Mints, known as the “mint with the hole,” has been a staple in British pockets since 1948. With their iconic shape and refreshing taste, Polos are perfect for satisfying mint cravings on the go.

Trebor Extra Strong Mints, however, pack a serious punch. True to their name, these tiny powerhouses deliver an intense burst of minty freshness that will leave your mouth feeling invigorated.

It’s a tough call, but Polo Mints’ classic appeal and unique shape give them the edge in this minty showdown. 

Winner: Polo Mints.

Round 4: Retro Rumble – Sherbet Fountain vs. Dip Dab

Prepare for a blast from the past as we dive into the world of retro sweets! In the yellow corner, we have the effervescent Sherbet Fountain. With a curious combination of liquorice dip and zingy sherbet, they have been tickling taste buds since 1925. This unique concoction offers a fizzy delight that will transport you back to your childhood. But can it out-fizz its opponent?

In the red corner, we find the delightful Dip Dab. This cheeky little number features a zesty sherbet dip and a fruity lolly, perfect for dunking and licking to your heart’s content. But will it be enough to triumph in this retro showdown?

We simply can’t choose between these two fizzy favourites. Both Sherbet Fountains and Dip Dabs tickle our nostalgia glands and offer a fizzy, tongue-tingling experience that’s impossible to resist. 

Winner: It’s a draw! 


After an epic sugar-coated showdown, it’s time to crown the ultimate UK sweet or chocolate. With its classic appeal and unique taste, Cadbury Dairy Milk takes the top spot as the undisputed chocolate heavyweight. Fruit Pastilles’ zingy charm and satisfyingly chewy texture make it the champion of the chewy champs. Polo Mints’ refreshing taste and iconic shape give it the edge in the minty madness challenge. And in a draw for the retro rumble, we can’t choose between the effervescent Sherbet Fountain and the delightful Dip Dab. So there you have it, folks—the ultimate UK sweet face-off! Now excuse us while we go indulge in a sweet treat or two (or three, or four…). Cheers, Britannia!

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