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Is It ‘Too Early’ to Buy Christmas Sweets and Gifts?

Christmas Sweets

To celebrate the season of giving that is Christmas, it is important to select presents that will be appreciated by those you care about. But when should you start shopping for Christmas gifts and sweets in the UK?

The answer may surprise you.

If you believe September is too soon to start thinking about Christmas, you should really reconsider.

The latest statistics show that 18% of consumers have already bought Christmas presents by early November.  

The statistics revealed another third (34%) will have concluded their holiday shopping by the end of this month (October), and another third (32%) will have done so before the end of this year, all to get the best deals and discounts, according to research performed by courier service Couriers Please.

Only 6% of people who participated in the study said they planned to buy holiday gifts in December, while 29% said they were comfortable stopping their shopping a full month early.*

When is there not a good time to go Christmas shopping?

Your options will be limited by your available funds and the gifts you decide to buy so start saving money and spreading out the cost of your purchases. Summer sales usually start in early July and that’s a great opportunity to save some money on presents!

Shopping for Christmas in the autumn may help you save money on various gifts on your shopping list and you don’t have to worry about storing them for too long or overpaying in the run up to Christmas!

However, if you feel Autumn is still too soon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two major shopping days at the end of November where you can get some major discounts from retailers. Toys and high-priced electronics like televisions are best purchased between November 26 and November 29. Make sure you’ve got these dates in your diary to get some great deals.

But if you’re in a hurry to save money and want to avoid the hassle of any shipping delays, it’s at least a good idea to get a head start and sometimes, shopping straight after Christmas for the following year can help you get fantastic deals on non-perishable items. If you’re buying sweets or chocolates, make sure you check out expiry dates to make sure they’ll last

Remember these three things if you’re one of the few planning way ahead 

Hone Your Purchasing Techniques

If you’ve had your eye on a present at full price but know you can get it for less if you wait, look into any sales the store or website has conducted in the past to see when the best time to purchase is. 

In addition, there are usually many things going on in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Sign up for the email lists of any online retailers you’re interested in so that you’ll be the first to hear when special offers and discounts are being promoted.

Think About Alternative Presents

As the holiday season approaches, you may find, lots of people have everything already and may have limited living space with lots of Christmas presents around. Consider investing in memories to make Christmas super special – like experiences or days out. 

You could treat your parents to a night in a plush hotel. Take the kids for the day to a water park. These presents are thoughtful because they are something the receiver can anticipate and enjoy, rather than something that needs to be wrapped and opened. Very sustainable and means you don’t need to rush to make a purchase

Food gifts always go down well because everyone loves a treat, from sweets and chocolates, you’ll find all sorts of hampers and gift boxes everywhere including on our website. If you know what they like, why not create your own gift with a basket or box that you can fill with all their favourite sweets.

Last-Minute Gift Giving Requires Planning Ahead

Make sure you’ve got the budget and be prepared to potentially pay more, be aware of the delivery and lead times, Royal Mail Strikes are ongoing in the run up to Christmas so make sure you leave enough time if you’re ordering online.

Plan out when you are going to do your shopping and make sure you have enough time as browsing online and crowds in stores can often delay your shopping experience.


If you want to avoid the last-minute Christmas gift rush, it’s best to start shopping for presents as soon as possible! If you start looking for presents for your loved ones well in advance of the holidays, you can take your time and pick out thoughtful items that they will truly appreciate. So, get out there and start crossing those names off your list!

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