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5 Top Sweets You Can Give to Your Kids as After-School Snacks

Swizzels Fun Gums Juicy Lips Tub

Are you looking for a great after-school snack for your hungry children? If so, you’re in luck! There are tons to pick from, and just about any sweets may work for your kids. That said, if you want to do your very best for your kids, then you’re in the right place. That’s because, today, we’re going to share with you some top sweets you can give your kids as an after-school snack!



If you are looking for a light sweet treat for the kids, then Flumps are a great snack to offer! They have a big vanilla flavour to them, but they’re also quite small and have no fat, making them light. In fact, they come at only 41 calories per 12 grams of Flump. Additionally, they have all-natural colourings and flavourings, ensuring that the kids can enjoy them without too much worry on your part!

Fun Gums

If you find that your kids need a sugar boost, Fun Gums are a great pick! Also known as Fun Gums ‘Teeth n Toothbrushes,’ these retro treats are incredibly tasty. They are also quite lasting in terms of energy, meaning that they will see your kids through right up until dinner. Ingredient-wise, they’re made from natural colours and flavours. Also, they’re just 43 calories per 10 grams each.

Love Hearts Mini Roll

Continuing sweets that are big in flavour, Love Hearts Mini Rolls are an excellent after-school snack. They’re a classic that everyone loves, and your kids are for sure going to love them too. They’re also a great pick-me-up, meaning that if you or the kids need a little energy boost, having one can do the trick. Also, they’re small and fizzy, meaning that they won’t hinder the children’s normal appetite as they wait for dinner. As for its nutrition, you can expect these things to be around 48 calories each at 12 grams!

Drumstick Lolly

While not for kids with loose teeth, the Drumstick Lolly is a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to hard-boiled or sherbet lollipops. They offer a milky taste combined with raspberry flavours, making them a tasty, chewy treat. And while some lollipops can be quite large, these are cute and tiny, perfect for any child to indulge in. Calorie-wise, they’re around 50 calories per lollipop only!

Rainbow Drops

If you’re looking for the absolute best in the world of sweets, then Rainbow Drops are your go-to pick! They’re made with puffed maize and rice, and they’re super tasty and light. Coming at just 37 calories per minibag, these super treats are a great way to fuel your child after their energy-draining time at school.


All in all, whichever route you opt for, all of the snacks we’ve shared above are great options as after-school snacks for the kids. They’re going to love it as much as you do, and they’ll always be happy to see you welcoming them home with open arms and a little bag of treats. So, if you have yet to stock up on any of the above treats, get to purchasing!

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