5 Reasons Why Giving Chocolate Eggs Are Popular Easter Treat

chocolate eggs

Easter is a time of celebration and giving of gifts, often in the form of chocolate eggs. But why do we give chocolate eggs to each other at Easter? The answer lies in an ancient pagan tradition that has been connected to the Christian celebration of Easter. This article will explore the many reasons why we give chocolate eggs at Easter.

The Pre-Christian Era

In the pre-Christian era, the spring equinox was celebrated as a time of fertility and rebirth. The egg was seen as a symbol of life and fertility. So eggs were exchanged as gifts during the festivities. As Christianity spread, they replaced the pagan celebration of spring with the Christian celebration of Easter, but the tradition of exchanging eggs remained.

19th Century

The tradition of giving chocolate eggs at Easter likely began in the 19th century. At the time, chocolate was a luxury item that was expensive and difficult to produce. As a result, only the wealthy could afford to give chocolate eggs as gifts. Over time, the tradition caught on, and today, chocolate eggs are a common gift for Easter.

Today’s Meaning of Gifting Chocolate Eggs

1. It Represents the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

By giving chocolate eggs, we are not only celebrating the pagan tradition of the spring equinox, but also the Christian celebration of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus.

2. It Symbolises Renewal, Joy and Hope

Chocolate eggs are a reminder that no matter how tough life gets, there is always something sweet waiting at the end of the tunnel. By giving chocolate eggs at Easter, we are expressing our hope that the coming year will be filled with joy and abundance. 

3. It Is a Sign of Appreciation and Love

In addition to its religious significance, the tradition of giving chocolate eggs at Easter is also a way to show love and care for those around us. Hence, giving chocolate eggs is also a sign of appreciation and love. 

By receiving a chocolate egg from a loved one, we are reminded how much we appreciate and care for. This is an especially meaningful gesture during the Easter season when families come together to celebrate the hope and joy of the holiday. It is a way to express our hopes for a happy, healthy life for the recipient.

4. It Is an Easy and Enjoyable Way to Spread Joy and Cheer

Chocolate eggs are a fun treat everyone can enjoy, and you can personalise them to make them even more special. You can also use them to create Easter baskets that can be given to friends and family, making the holiday even more special.

5. It Is Popular

Chocolate eggs have been a popular Easter treat since the late 19th century and have become a popular item to purchase during the holiday season. Chocolate manufacturers have taken advantage of this and created countless varieties of chocolate eggs, making them a popular item to give and receive. 


So there you have it, the reasons why we give chocolate eggs at Easter. So, the next time you give or receive a chocolate egg at Easter, remember its rich history and the symbolism behind it. 

Not only does it represent the religious aspect of the holiday, representing renewal, joy, and hope, but it is also a way to show your appreciation and love for one another, as well as a popular commercial item. Whatever the reason may be, chocolate eggs are sure to put a smile on your face this Easter!

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